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How To Reprogram A Car Key

Posted - 03/01/2012

Some cars allow vehicle owners to keep their keys discrete while locking, unlocking, and starting up the car. Based on the system, the vehicle unlocks automatically after the door handle, exterior button, or trunk release is pushed. Cars equipped with this system are able to disconnect the immobiliser, allowing the ignition to start up without manually starting the car. Key malfunctions or common, but a minor setback for owners as they are able to be reprogrammed. The method of reprogramming your car key can be completed in around two minutes. There must be at least two keys programmed to program additional keys.
  • First take a key that's been programmed and start the ignition
  • Put in a second key, turn on ignition
  • Put in your first spare key, turn it to 'ON', the anti-theft security lock light should not be on at this point, then start it.
  • The first spare should be programmed.
  • Continue this process for additional keys
To reprogram a bad key, placed it on the steering column, with the good key in the ignition. Start the ignition but don't start the car, count to 20. Reverse the keys and repeat the process. This should reset the bad keys.
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